Van Larkins

After working in Australia as a performer and composer for more than half of his life, CandyRat artist Van Larkins has relocated to the music capital of the USA, Nashville! 

Inventing ground-breaking techniques and complex compositions, Van Larkins is hailed world-wide as a leading songwriter and guitarist in fingerstyle earning him magazine covers, endorsements and praise from the world's leading artists in the genre, including Andrew White, Phil Emmanuel and Strictly Ballroom's Antonio Vargas.

Defying the eye when playing his energetic melodies, harmonies, percussion and bass with just 6 strings and a chunk of the finest carved wood, Van Larkins doesn't sing. He doesn't play drums. And there's no loop pedal. After all, why do any of that when he can make his acoustic guitar do it all? Van Larkins currently plays his own signature baritone guitar by "Kallquist Guitars" and is featured in the world's first fingerstyle movie "Acoustic Uprising"

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