Owen Kirschner

Founder, Owen Kirschner, an accomplished musician, event producer, music and creative director. He has worked with and for top talented professionals on events and at venues that have been wide-ranging; many with historic appeal.  He has served as a music director, music contractor and creative designer for Disneyland and as a consultant to Disney Entertainment. He gained his experience as part of creative teams for major events. We have been a part of the Special Event Show (Opening and Closing Night Celebrations) | Olympic Games: Opening & Closing and Gold-Medal Awards Ceremonies |  Papal Mass for Pope John Paul II | Liberty Weekend (the Relighting of the Statue of Liberty, NYC) | The Rose Bowl & Pasadena Tournament of Roses | Events for Oprah Winfrey and Ted Turner | Major Sporting Events: NFL - Super Bowl, MLB - All-Star Game, Los Angeles Dodgers, Angels, Padres | NHL - Ducks, PGA - LA Open... | He and his musicians have performed before royalty, heads-of-state, heads-of-industry and six (6) US Presidents.

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