Kevin Blake Goodwin

Kevin (Blake) Goodwin is a hybrid electric and acoustic guitar player embracing both technical and fingerstyle progressive guitar skills, and the music videographer, audio engineer, and studio producer at FRETMONKEY RECORDS Studio. The Arkansas native won the  2015 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, an international acoustic guitar competition held annually in Canada. Since winning the competition, he has used his music platform to advocate for causes including services for disabled veterans, expanding awareness of addiction recovery,  and increasing opportunities for musicians in the music industry.  In 2016, he founded FRETMONKEY RECORDS, a guitar community with 23 founding members spanning 10 countries whose mission is to create career-changing opportunities for musicians across the globe. Goodwin went on to win the 2016 (Acoustic), 2017 (Electric), and 2018 (Acoustic) Guitar Wars Competition in San Antonio (Texas), the longest running guitar competition in America.  His electric and acoustic music is a blend of haunting jazz, Djent metal, and rock melodies coupled with technical and percussive fingerstyle guitar techniques. He has been described as the “21st Century Guitar Man” possessing “outrageous skills.”  

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