Don Ross

Don Ross grew up in a musical family, first learning piano before moving to the guitar.  In his early teens, Don discovered the fingerstyle guitar and started experimenting with altered tunings.  He eventually went on to study music at Toronto’s York University.  Rather than studying guitar, Don focused more on composition, electronic music, and sound recording.

After graduation, Don decided that he was best fit to perform his compositions.  In 1988, he won the U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition.  This earned him national recognition and his first record deal.  Don took first place at the same competition in 1996.  To this day, he is still the only player to have won the competition twice.

Signing with Narada Records in 1999, Don released his first solo guitar CD, Passion Session.  Some of the compositions on Passion Session, such as “Michael, Michael, Michael,” “Klimbim,” and “Tight Trite Night” have become standards in world guitar repertoire.

In 2005, Don Ross was the first artist to be signed to Candyrat Records, a U.S.-based indie label focused on internet promotion and distribution.  Don has since released seven records and two DVDs on Candyrat, his most recent being 'A Million Brazilian Civilians'.

Though Don continues to tour frequently around the world, he enjoys living a quiet family life in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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