Daniel Voth

Daniel Voth was inspired to pursue music at an early by watching his grandfather, Salvatore Calderone, a professional pianist in Ohio.  He taught himself piano and began taking classical guitar lessons at age 12, later moving on to the electric guitar.  In 7th grade, he discovered Metallica, and soon after started listening to Iron Maiden, Fates Warning and Savatage. Voth considers these bands some of his early influences for his style of music.

In high school, Voth’s favorite band and album, Images and Words by Dream Theater, inspired him to form a progressive metal band, called Melodrama.  After the break-up of Melodrama in 2002, he took on supporting roles in numerous other bands, such as bass guitar for Substance and various cover bands.

Voth then began studying pieces by Agustín Barrios Mangoré and other classical guitarists, including contemporary classical guitarist Andrew York.  Soon after, he saw Andy McKee’s YouTube video of “Drifting”, and the spark for his new music project was officially ignited.  In 2010, Dan attended the Canadian Guitar Festival for the first time.  He now considers this festival to be a turning point in his career, where he decided to focus his music career on fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

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